While your competitors are sleeping ...

... you can be open for business - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide !

Pagoda Graphics can provide EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SELL ON THE NET.

In the past, the problems of cost, complexity and security have stopped many businesses profiting from the internet. This need no longer be the case.

Pagoda Graphics has access to leading software which is specifically designed to enable small and medium sized buinesses set up an Internet sales channel. Pagoda Graphics are authorised resellers of Actinic Catalog e-commerce software which is secure, low cost and capable of being integrated into an existing web design.

What's more, this software is already being used successfully by many customers worldwide!

The Benefits of selling on the Internet

The Internet offers many benefits as a channel for sales and marketing. Probably the most well-publicised of these is that an Internet store is open for business 24 hours/day, 365 days/year in a global market with millions of prospects.

However there are many other benefits which must be considered including the fact that Internet sales are LESS COSTLY to fulfill. Internet sales do not tie up sales staff on the telephone and automated order entry results in FEWER ERRORS. As a result, Internet orders can also be PROCESSED MORE EFFICIENTLY at your convenience.

A number of large companies have already proven that the Internet is a healthy place to do business. Pagoda Graphics can now demonstrate that e-commerce sites can pay for small and medium sized businesses also!

Let Pagoda Graphics facilitate the introduction of e-commerce for you and demonstrate the power of complete business process integration from website generation, through order processing to the printing of invoices.

Award Winning Benefits of Actininc Catalog E-commerce Software

Ease of Use

The software installs on your personal computer and can be operated by staff after a basic introductory training session.

Low Cost

Pagoda Graphics can design and install your e-commerce web site and train your staff at a surprisingly low cost.


The e-commerce software has built-in security to keep payment details out of the reach of everyone except those who need to know. Even your internet service provider (ISP) cannot read the information.


  • It is comprehensive - it contains all the software that you need to sell across the Internet.
  • It has simple Windows interfaces which allow you to easily set up and maintain your catalogue of products.
  • It allows pictures to accompany all of your product descriptions.
  • It keeps YOU in control of YOUR channel, easily facilitating product and price changes and special offers.
  • It takes SECURE ENCRYPTED orders over the Internet and allows a number of payment options.
  • It includes a sophisticated shipping charge calculator.
  • It includes order processing, printing and maintenance.
  • It e-mails you automatically when a batch of orders is waiting.
  • It provides a SECURE sales environment with end-to-end encryption of credit card details.
  • It uses standard HTML templates which can be customised to your individual business requirements.
  • In summary, if there is an easier and more comprehensive way of making the web work for you then let us know - for we certainly do not know of one!
  • If you are interested in finding out how we can help your business profit from selling over the internet, then please Click here to request a quote.
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